Sunday and Wednesday Service Events

Wednesday Night Bible Classes

Wednesday Evening Classes – 7:00pm Adult Class Jeff Keele – Teacher Studying – Favorite Books of the Bible Singing Class (Adult) Meets in Room 15 Dusty Cooper –Teacher Singing practice for Sunday mornings Youth (5th-12th Grade) Meets in High School Classroom Bryce Ballard/Deacons/Parents/Youth Workers – Teachers Children (Toddlers-4th Grade) Toddlers & Pre-K Kindergarten – Sharon…

Fabulous Supper

Wednesday Night Supper 6:00pm Cost: $6 Adults $3 for Kids Chicken Spaghetti Vegetable, Salad & Dessert Or Baked Potato Bar Bible Classes Start at 7:00pm

College & Young Adults

All college age students and young adults are invited to a special class, just for you, on Wednesday July 25th, at 7pm in the classroom at the south end of the building. Contact Blake Kleman of Braxton Herring for more information.

Sunday Services

This event automatically recurs every week so you don’t have to re-enter it over and over.