October is Missions Month: What does that mean?

Why do we have Missions at the Church of Christ at the Colonies?

1. The Bible says we should

Jesus spoke throughout the Bible of caring for the widows and orphans and to focus on the things not of this earth. In Acts, the church is formed around making disciples and multiplying to the ends of the earth.

As much as a building can feel like home, the church is God’s people, not a building. Reaching out to those who don’t know Him and serving “the least of these” is God’s heart and desire for us as Christians.

2. It will impact the health of the church.

A missions ministry is a wonderful way for newcomers and veterans alike to become more involved not only in the church but in the community as well. It can serve as a connector for your church, bringing more people in, as well as growing members spiritually. A healthy church is one that is reaching out into their community to seek out the lost and weary.

3. Missions are a discipleship vehicle for members.

Missions can serve as a great vehicle for discipleship, not only for those you are serving but for church members as well. Testimony is a good way for members to share their personal experience about God to others. As a church we must create opportunities for members to practice sharing the Gospel, memorize Bible stories, and give their testimony. People learn best by teaching, so providing chances for members to do that firsthand will help develop their faith and deepen their relationship with God, especially to those who are not believers, those who are underprivileged and those who are seeking something more in their lives.

Another need for missions ministry lies in leading by example. Creating opportunities for families to serve together and for kids and youth to see these examples at an early age will raise them to be mission-minded. It is vital for our children to have role models and true examples of servants for Christ.

Missions the Church of Christ at the Colonies Serve –

Local Missions

National Missions

World Missions

On Sunday, October 23rd, we will be having a combined Bible class in the Auditorium. Bret McCasland will be giving a missions report on the good works that are being done in India.

On Sunday, October 30th, we will be having a combined Bible Class in the Auditorium. Mural Worthy will be our guest presenter. He will be sharing with us the exciting things that are happening at the Amarillo College Bible Chair.