Our History

Church of Christ at The Colonies began as a humble gathering of believers at Puckett Elementary School in November 2000. In those days it was known as Westside Church of Christ and from the very beginning, Dick has transitioned over to our Family Care Minister now that Jeff Keele is taking over as our Pulpit Minister.

Within the next two years, enough money was raised to purchase 8.25 acres of land at 4500 Wesley Rd., and construction of the current auditorium, kitchen, offices, and classroom space was under way. Having chosen a new name to fit their new location, Church of Christ at The Colonies celebrated the first worship service in their new building on May 19, 2002.

Throughout the next few years, the Lord blessed The Colonies with growth both numerically and financially. In 2007, the newest addition to the building was completed, adding a children’s ministry wing, youth ministry area, multipurpose room, and gymnasium.