Upcoming Events -March 2023

Family Blessing Day

If your family is going to be part of the “Family Blessing“, please send 5-9 pictures to be shown on the slide show that day. Pictures must be sent before 5:00pm Wednesday, March 1st! Pictures can be sent to WINS@thecolonies.org.
Everyone is invited to join us at the Skateplex, 9721 S. Coulter, on Sunday evening, March 5th, from 7:30-9:30pm for FAMILY SKATE NIGHT. Please feed your family before you come…we will provide snacks and drinks.

Donation Time!!!!

It’s that time of year again…Easter egg and candy collection for our “Eggstravaganza” on April 1st. Please put candy and plastic eggs in the receptacles in front of the church office by March 25th. 

North Amarillo

We are collecting donations of Pop Tarts, Ramen Noodles and 12-14 oz. cans of soup for the North Amarillo Church of Christ. There are receptacles in the east foyer to place your food items in.
We are so appreciative of your generosity for the North Amarillo Church of Christ. Please call the church office at 806-355-7303 before you bring your groceries or clothes so we don’t miss anyone making a donation. 

YOUTH – Servant Saturday

Our first Youth Servant Sunday will be March 25th from 10:00am-2:00pm. Those who want to ear money towards camp need to meet Lindsay and Willie in Coffee Connection at 10:00am.

We will be making “Blessing Bags” to deliver to Guyon Sanders and other homeless organizations.

We are asking for donations of the following goods and missions will provide the rest.

New socks – New hats – PB crackers – Water – Granola bars – Tooth brushes – Toothpaste

The goal is 100 bags!